The Place of Virtual, Pedagogic and Physical Space

In his paper, “The Place of Virtual, Pedagogic and Physical Space in the 21st Century Classroom”, Stephen Harris, Director / Founder, Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (Australia) and Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School (Australia) outlines work connected to the successful convergence of digital, pedagogic and physical space.

According the Harris (2010), The Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) has been “focusing on the gap that has existed in schools where the physical layout is often stuck in an industrial-era education model, rather than reflecting the possibilities of ICT-enhanced personalised learning. SCIL has been working to create digital spaces so that students can consistently transition from the real to virtual world”. (Harris, 2010, p. 3).

Harris (2010) suggests, “Space is both a fixed and fluid notion. It has an enormous impact on how we feel and think – the very core of our experiences of life. The challenge for schools is to identify the different spaces it inhabits – virtual, pedagogic and real, and to draw these together in meaningful ways so that learning can focus forward, enabled through technology and not get dragged backwards.” (Harris, 2010, p. 12).

Would you like a tour of the SCIL Building? In this snapshot video, Stephen Harris discusses the multi-modal learning spaces designed to accomodate student-directed learning. Harris explains his vision for the SCIL Building, which was for “learning spaces across the SCIL Building to challenge  thinking about the way students learn and the way schools should operate, providing room for new ideas, new thinking and new technologies.”



For the full article, and to learn more about what the forward thinking educators at SCIL are doing go to:



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